The Sharing Economy Has Killed Sharing

The first thing that the sharing economy killed was the concept of sharing. The ability to transact for the tiniest of things (and indeed, for a share in the tiniest of things) has made it easier and cheaper for us to buy access – but that means that everything we possess, even our thoughts, our… Read More »

4 Great Travel Inspiration Websites


Whether you’re looking for your next destination or just trying to find things to do on a weekend while at home, these sites will help you immensely! Atlas Obscura: I’ve shamefully stolen their About Us blurb because it describes the weird and quirky content so well: In an age where everything seems to have been… Read More »

From Paris, With Tourists


I wish I could say that I had a wonderful time in Paris. The reality is that my Paris experience, far from being musical-worthy, is best summed up by the word, “OK” – which is not even a whole word, really. The thing about Paris is that there’s now a strict social convention that one must… Read More »

The One Lesson That Marketing Managers Should Learn From Tomorrowland

I won’t blame you if you aren’t really interested in Tomorrowland, the electronic dance music festival held annually in Boom, Belgium. It’s not really meant for anyone over the age of 25, and you can really properly appreciate it only if you’re a teenager. It’s therefore an unlikely place to learn about marketing. And yet,… Read More »