A San Francisco Pause

San Francisco

Almost everyone who’s been following me will know by now that I’m back in Mumbai, after a hearty San Francisco pause. I’ve been remiss in updating this blog, mainly because I’ve been writing this post in stages, as a form of grief management. Every picture, every word every memory I have of that city on the… Read More »

5 Meal Ideas For The Price Conscious Traveler


Before I started traveling, I really didn’t think about how much my food costs. A $100 meal once a week was probably an average – and even regular meals at home were on the expensive side. Not to mention the fact that I’d cook huge amounts and invariably end up wasting some as well. There’s… Read More »

Short Story: Unfinished


Unfinished Bob the junkie scavenges cigarette butts from the ashtray in the smoking area outside the hotel. I look into the nearly full bin and see that someone has discarded a nearly unsmoked Camel and hope that he gets to it before Marcus the dour German maintenance guy goes on his cleaning round. It’s almost… Read More »

Road Tripping Through The Escalante Grand Staircase


Thanks to a strained knee, I couldn’t go on too many hikes after Canyonlands National Park – so Sam and I decided to take a day-long road trip out of Bryce Canyon National Park along Scenic Route 12 through the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument. The Wikipedia entry on it is quite dry and doesn’t… Read More »