Humanity’s Only True Goal



I have always been a person who believes that while there might be an infinity of perspectives to look at something, there is also a single, objective Truth about all things. It’s easy if you think of it in scientific terms – when people saw the effect of gravity, there were multiple theories of what caused it – some people thought it was an effect of an as-yet undetectable gas, other thought it had to do with some sort of magnetic attraction, still others posited the possibility of there being no such thing as gravity but just an effect felt due to other forces at play.

What everybody agrees on, however, is that there is some answer. Some objective Truth that, when understood, will be explainable to the other people and which will stand up to scrutiny no matter when it comes or from which quarter. I believe that such an objective Truth exists for all matters. There is an objective Truth which answers the question of how to be happy, or who acted rightly in a particular argument, for example.

Taken one step further, there must be some objective Truth that explains Everything – that shows the Truth about all other Truths. And this brings us now to where the title of this post starts to make sense. You see, I think we’ve been lacking a mission statement for humanity and I think this should be it. The only goal worth discovering. Everything else is a means to that end.

This slightly more philosophical blog entry has been brought to you by the violence and anger surrounding me.