5 Unexpected Benefits of Long Term Travel

5 Things

There are many benefits to travel. Here are 5 that I think are less well known and which I will be extremely thankful for!

1) No More Memes: Leading a less plugged-in life means I won’t be online as much, and this means I won’t be up to date on the latest memes and the latest in-jokes. This is a good thing, and I would go travel just to get this benefit alone!

2) Eating healthy: I’ll be staying as cheap as possible which means lots of salads, very little junk food and cooking my own food as far as possible. My next venture might be a diet book based on travel foods!

3) Free workouts: Because of the emphasis on camping and hiking, and the general cheapness of the travel (that means I won’t be hiring a car) I’ll be able to lose the poundage that I’ve put on in the last few months.

4) Becoming more money-minded: As if the three points above (all of which relate to cheapness) haven’t clued you in, I’ll be traveling cheap. This means I will have to stick to a tight budget, without any room for cheating.

5) Caring Less, Caring More: Less about the world and its problems, more about the people in it, especially the ones I meet!