Confessions Of A Potential Rapist


Dear people of the internet.

I have a confession to make. I have been struggling since puberty with the urge to rape women. Not any specific woman, just women in general. I suppose it started with the advent of cable television in the 90s, which heralded an influx of western culture that my primitive, pubescent brain was unable to process. My delicate impressionable neurons were moulded and tweaked by MTV Grind and Small Wonder, until I entered Satanic Capitalist Mode. The fact that women started wearing denim jeans and skirts at this time did not help.

Fast forward to present day. Now, every time I am in public, I must hold myself back, because wherever I look, there is temptation. Women, as far as the eyes can see, their impertinent breasts jutting out from under well fitted bras, existing to tempt me into ogling them. Their swaying hips nothing more than a hypnotic command to my primal lizard brain. “This is something you want,” they seem to say. “Come, take it!” And of course, being the rational, 21st century male that I am, I struggle to overcome my baser instincts (which, if you’ve been paying attention, you’d remember were transplanted onto me by corrupt westerners anyway.)

Some days are good days, when I barely encounter any tempting woman and other days are terrible. Once, I had to cross the road because a woman was eating a cornetto ice cream outside a restaurant. In front of everyone! Do they not care what this does to me and other men? That every minute is torture as I strive to overcome my basic nature? It was touch and go for a few minutes, I can tell you that much. Another second or two and I would have lost all control, and would have had to waylay that poor woman and rape her.

One of my ongoing nightmares is that I realize, mid-rape, that I am raping someone. Can you imagine how embarrassing that might be? To have to pull out, begin apologizing furiously and rearranging one’s clothes? Sometimes, in my dream, the woman refuses to forgive me. That’s usually when I wake up, sweating. I pray this never happens. I pray that I can always maintain control over my body and not have to go through the agony that I imagine in my dreams every night. Even confessing this has been hard but I feel better for it. Thank you for listening.

— No one, ever.


  • Rape is not about lack of control, its about exercising control over someone else.
  • Rape is not about lust or love or desire, it’s about power.
  • Rape is not about misdirected love or unrequited attraction, it’s violence.

Until we realize, acknowledge and change our behavior to account for this, NOTHING will change.