Hiking In New England

Hiking in Maine's Acadia National Park
Hiking in Maine’s Acadia National Park

As you may have read before, I like hiking trails. A lot! So when I had the chance to go do a road trip in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, I leaped at the opportunity. I carried my video gear and shot a lot of footage, most of which has found its way into this 4.5 minute long video that I’ve edited. Let me know what you think!

Some of the cool things to watch out for in the video:

  • A view of the setting sun from Beech Mountain, in Acadia National Park, Maine (00:30 to 00:36) – this was at the end of a gruelling hike – we’d been on the go for about 4 hours, having taken the long way round. The name of the trail we were on was Canada Cliffs, and we were trying to make our way up the mountain to an old fire spotting tower, from where we could see the sunset. As you can see in the video, the clouds meant we needed to get down super quick or spend a dangerous amount of time climbing down in the dark.
  • Echo Lake from a height (01:25 to 01:45 and a few other places in the video as well) – Echo Lake has a beautiful freshwater beach where we went swimming in between hikes. These shots are they’re all taken from the top of the mountain looking down so you can see the elevation that we hiked up. It’s not much really, just about 350 metres or so, but it looks far more impressive than you’d imagine. (The Beech Mountain summit was close to 700 metres, I believe)
  • Slow-mo shots of waterfalls and streams (03:30 onwards) – Thanks to my beautiful GoPro Black edition I could shoot at 120 FPS and capture some stunning footage of waterfalls and streams that we had to cross while hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountain range. This particular trail was getting harder to complete as the water was rising due to rain, but it was the most challenging and proved to be the most fun hike of the trip, for me. The return journey was quite brutal too, as the rocks we’re scrambling over in the video proved to be extremely slippery, necessitating a slow and careful pace.

I’m soon going to be hiking in the canyons and deserts of Utah, and that will hopefully provide me with even more footage and