Road Trip

Next Up: Road Trip!


On July 05, just a day after I will have a great time celebrating America’s Independence Day, I will set off to explore three states of the American Northeast: Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. I’ll be doing this road trip with someone I’ve never met before, a Slovakian Slovenian guy (I now know the difference between the two.) I met off CouchSurfing. (Don’t worry, he seems very nice and I’m sure it will be a fun time with him!)

The idea is that we will rent a car in Portland, Maine and set off on the following route:

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I’m really excited about seeing Acadia National Park – I’ve always had a fascination with the pinewood forests of Maine – perhaps it was too many Stephen King books growing up, or maybe I just like the idea of hiking under gloomy trees along a rainy trail, emerging into a clearing atop a hill to see lakes in the distance.

In case you’re wondering why I’m waxing poetic, just take a look at this! It’s what awaits me in a few days’ time!

Road Trip road trip road trip

The best part about taking a road trip is also going to be finally getting to use my GoPro camera to its fullest potential. While I’ve been experimenting with some stuff (the Washington video from a few days ago, for example) it’s really going to come into its own when I start shooting mounted from a car!

Unfortunately due to the lack of an international driver’s license (I know it’s super easy to get, there was drama involved!) I won’t be able to drive myself, but I shall be in charge of navigation and that is sometimes more fun!

Some of the things I’m looking forward to on this trip:

Road Trip Highlight #1: Acadia National Park

Possibly Maine’s most beautiful parklands. I’ll be spending two nights hiking and camping here. If the weather is good, I intend to shoot a timelapse of the stars in the sky as it should be a moonless night.

Road Trip Highlight #2: Libby’s Market in Brunswick, Maine

Allegedly the best lobster rolls in the country. I shall be testing this bold claim!

Road Trip Highlight #3: Hiking Mt. Washington in the White Mountains, New Hampshire

Mt. Washington is 6,233 feet above sea level and the highest peak in New Hampshire – it’s not a steep climb, more of a long arduous hike – but it’s apparently doable in about 4 hours, so we plan to hike up and then back down before finding a place to camp below the treeline.

Road Trip Highlight #4: The actual driving

Apart from the camping, we’ll be in the car for about 20 hours total. Which doesn’t sound like a lot for a week’s worth of adventure, but trust me – it can get to be quite a bit. Luckily, there will be music and laughter and making sure the GoPro doesn’t fall off the car at 65 mph!