Postcards sent!


So the first batch of postcards have been sent! I mailed them out this evening. I almost sprained my hand writing them all out but I had a big grin on my face because each card represented someone connected to my story. From Mumbai to Pune to the UK, to even Tanzania, these cards will hopefully bring us all together as I travel across the Americas.

Postcards ready for mailing!

A humble request: as you receive these postcards, please do update your Facebook and Twitter accounts with a picture of you and your postcard and tag me in them (my Twitter account is @vahishta) and you can add me on FB too) so I can put them up on the blog to show people that you’re happy with them! (If you’re unhappy with your postcard for whatever reason, you don’t have to put up a picture. I will understand.)

And for everyone who hasn’t yet done so, please do subscribe to the blog by putting in your email address into the field in the sidebar, and hitting Submit. Then mail me the postal address of the place you want your postcard sent! (Ideally your home)

My address is [email protected] [this link opens a mail client] and it would help if you put ‘The Great Postcard Giveaway’ as the subject of your email.

I have another 20 cards to give, so now the next 20 people will be the last to receive cards!