Timelapse Videos: my new obsession


For a long time now, I’ve been fascinated with timelapse videos. I think it all started when I watched Chronos, a 43-minute documentary featuring high-speed timelapses around the world. Then came the BBC’s Earth series which utilized some of the best timelapses I’ve ever seen in my life. Before long, I was hooked and needed to do some timelapsin’ of my own.

An intervalometer…

Enter B&H Photo, the large shop on 9th Ave in New York city, where I bought my intervalometer – which is a piece of photography equipment that operates your shutter for you according to your instructions. Armed with my new toy, I set off to shoot some wonderful vistas. Here, for your consideration, are my first few samples. I think I’ve been getting better and better at them.




When I go to Utah and places in the west, I hope to be able to get even better at this stuff! I’ve already learned a number of things to do that will improve my technique.