Brussels: Bustling And Beery


Getting to Brussels from Berlin was fun: Hop on a train, settle down to sleep and wake up in the land of beer and waffles! Brussels at 9.00 AM was a great sight. Soft puffy clouds, a perfectly cool, crisp day, the best weather I’d ever seen – so naturally, out came the camera, even …

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5 Meal Ideas For The Price Conscious Traveler

5 Things Travel

Before I started traveling, I really didn’t think about how much my food costs. A $100 meal once a week was probably an average – and even regular meals at home were on the expensive side. Not to mention the fact that I’d cook huge amounts and invariably end up wasting some as well. There’s …

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Globalisation and french fries


A funny thought- before McDonald’s, no-one really got the concept of fries, in India. There were potato wafers, and huge fat potato chips, which were just thick slabs of carbohydrate fried in oil. And then came the world of slender strips, flash-fried in oil that was just the right temperature, and salted. There was a …

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