open letter

An Open Letter To The Open Letter As A Form Of Public Protest


Hey, So I was going through some of the stuff I had piled away in the attic of my mind, and I came across a bunch of memories from long ago. And as I sat there, looking at these memories, I realised how much you’ve changed. There was a time when you stood for something …

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Greyhound Tales – Part 1


I’m woken from my sleep by the sound of hissing air brakes and the harsh light of the overhead tubes as they spring to life. The driver begins to speak. “OK, folks, this is Salt Lake City. We’ll be arriving at the Greyhound station in just under five minutes and I wanted to let you …

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5 traits single people need to learn from backpackers

5 Things

Single people who aren’t happy being single typically tend to make the entire world around them sad, because they’re always moping around. Being a backpacker has opened my eyes to a few traits that single people need to pick up from backpackers, to make their lives go a bit easier: Single People Survival Guide Tip …

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An Indian looks at shops like this and rubs his hands together in glee.

Advantages Of Being An Indian Backpacker


Most of the time you wouldn’t associate Indians with something as offbeat as backpacking. Whether it’s the traveling Indian vegetarian chef that accompanies most tour groups or the insistence on visiting only those countries that have been featured as the backdrop to a Bollywood number, the stereotype has been formed: Indians love tour groups and …

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Short Stories

“You know, I hate it when this happens, it always happens.” “What?” “I’ll find some incredibly attractive woman, who looks at me, looks away and then does that whole daring me to come over and talk to her thing, and then I notice something about her that puts me off completely. Happened this morning, I …

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