5 Meal Ideas For The Price Conscious Traveler

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Before I started traveling, I really didn’t think about how much my food costs. A $100 meal once a week was probably an average – and even regular meals at home were on the expensive side. Not to mention the fact that I’d cook huge amounts and invariably end up wasting some as well. There’s …

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5 Ways To Save Money On The Road


There are always things you can do to save money while traveling. These tips are what I’ve been using. You might be interested to note that you don’t really need to be a backpacker to follow them, they will help you save money even if you’re not traveling! Tip #1 to Save Money: Cook your own …

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How To Take Good Photos Of Birds


There’s an old television saying that urges producers never to work with children or animals. The same holds true for photographers. Except, of course, there’s one class of subject that’s even more painful to take pictures of. Birds. They never hold still, they’re notoriously shy and yet, when captured right, they provide the most beautiful …

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Everything is alien (except the aliens)


    The UK ought to be a great first destination for someone traveling westwards, especially for a first-time traveler like me. As the wheels of my airplane came unstuck from the ground in Mumbai, I tried to fix the moment in my memory, recording the emotions I felt – they were dominated by trepidation …

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